Meet Our Instructors

Alex -
I was first introduced to the indoor cycling scene by my husband, Joey. After finding immediate enjoyment in the cycling world, I was eventually challenged by my husband to take the bike by the horns and move into instructing. This invitation put me on a path to teaching here at Rideologie. My favorite part of cycling is that etherial connection one finds when the music and lyrics speak to you while finding total engagement in mind, body, and soul. I will always bring a challenge to you physically, but also provide moments of connection, body and soul. My class style: an equal balance between the aerobic, building endurance in the cardiovascular system, and the anaerobic, challenging your muscles through short bursts of energy. 3 facts about me:
Lauren -
Welcome to our Rideologie Community, I’m Lauren and summer of 2024 is my 5th year teaching at the studio! I started outdoor cycling with my dad and tried indoor rhythm riding to supplement my training, and now I ride more indoor than outdoor! My mental health and fitness journey really changed when I found this community and I think there is no better way than to find a form of exercise you love and people you love to do it with. I’m a Millennial through and through, so plan to see that reflected in my rides whether it’s the main theme or sprinkled throughout my 60 minute classes. As the creator of Millennial Mondays (and Moody Mondays) I’ve tried to program my classes to be a powerful space where you can connect with your neighbor and have a fun workout! 3 Facts about Me: 1. Married ten years with two amazing sons and a Sheepadoodle 2. I love Halloween and don’t believe in having enough decorations apparently 3.I was a hairdresser for ten years and I loved getting to know clients!
Ali -
Hi! I am the owner and founder of Rideologie! I absolutely love this studio with my entire heart and soul. This studio has brought so much purpose into my life and I love what I do. My background in spin started back in 2016 where after graduating from The University of Utah and moving to Southern California, I discovered an indoor cycling studio. Long story short I moved back home and realized Salt Lake could use Rideologie. I love this community and dancing on the bike with you all! 3 facts about me: 1. I have a two year old son 2. I love IN-N-OUT burger! 3. I love being at the beach and traveling new places.
Gianna -
I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and love calling Utah home. I have always had a passion for sports and fitness, so much so I made it my career. I went to the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) to study sports business and now work for the Utah Football Team – Go Utes!! I started teaching at Rideologie in 2018 and love it more and more every day. The people, the music, the energy – it’s a special place. When I’m not on the bike, you can find me with my family, on a run, in the sunshine, with friends, or watching college football. I love being busy and on the go! I can’t wait to see you in the ride room soon!   3 facts about me: 1 I ran the Boston Marathon in 2019 2 I could eat ice cream for every meal! 3 I’m a music girly – music over movies (expect for the occasional rom com)
Lilah -
Hi i'm Lilah! I graduated from the University of Utah, and hold a BS in Health and Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition, and recently earned my Masters in Public Health. I'm currently thriving as an Exercise Physiologist at Huntsman Cancer Institute, finding it immensely rewarding. Since 2019, I have been hooked on teaching spin classes, and in my downtime, I enjoys long walks or hikes with my husband and dog, quality time with friends and family, experimenting with new recipes, and staying updated on the latest home decor trends. See you on the bike! 3 facts about me : 1. I love to spend time outside, especially in the sunshine. I’ll find any excuse to be outdoors! 2. I have a dog named Koda, she is half lab half husky and we have the best conversations together every day! 3. I like to think I’m a pretty good cook! I have my go to recipes that I love, but I’m always willing to try something new!
Amy -
I love teaching spin and having fitness as a big part of my life because it makes me feel good and it makes me happy! I love the new people it connects me with and the friendships I make through the classes I teach and take. I also love music and that is something that makes me happy. So to find fun music to ride to with friends is an amazing way to workout and feel better physically and emotionally. 3 facts about me: 1.I am married and have 3 girls 2.I love music 3. I love the beach
Alissa -
I was born and raised up in northern Idaho in a town called Coeur d’Alene.. if you haven’t been before, I recommend a summer visit! I completed my Bachelors degree at Boise State University in Health Science where I became passionate about nutrition and overall wellness. Boise is where I found my love for blasting music and dancing on a bike! When I moved to Salt Lake City I was so happy to find a place that I could turn my passion and hobby into a job! Being apart of Rideologie quickly made Salt Lake City feel like my home. When I’m not at Rideologie you can find me trying out local coffee shops, skiing or hiking up in the canyons or just spending time with my husband and our two dogs! 3 facts about me: 1. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. One day, you’ll see him riding up on podium. 2. I’m obsessed with my two dogs! One is a golden retriever terrier mix rescued from the shelter and the other is a golden retriever wiener mix. 3. My love language is an iced coffee.
Rye -
I am a dedicated spin instructor whose journey into fitness began as a gesture of love. Initially drawn to CrossFit to impress my now husband, I found my true passion in fitness. This passion led me to becoming a spin instructor where I feel “found myself” on that bike! After teaching 174 classes at CycleBar, my commitment to the craft led me to Rideologie, where I continue to inspire others through my energetic teaching style and love for music. With my infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, I empower my riders to push beyond their limits and discover their own strength both on and off the bike. Like I always say “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t working out right!” 3 facts about me : 1. I hate cantaloupe 2. I’m a huge Beyonce and Taylor Swift fan 3. Favorite way to pass time is watching my hubby surf
Joey -
I love riding because it adds another layer of vitality to my mind, body and spirit that, thought I teach yoga and PEAK|45 as well, is so dynamic and unparalleled. Sitting in a darkened room, that vibrates to life with the energy of everyone else that chose to clip in that day and guide where their life is going next, is a truly powerful experience. When you couple that with my love for varied musical genres, textures, languages, and voices - much like yoga, the ride becomes unifying, integrative wellness at its best. 3 facts about me : 1. At age 14 I could play 9 instruments. 2. Being born in California and raised in New Jersey makes calling Utah home the perfect middle ground - where I also found my hubby and co-teacher Alex 😍 3. I love the arts! Whether it’s seeing Wicked 10+ times, Ballet West’s Nutrcracker n-teenth time, or comedy at Wiseguys there is nothing like experiencing the passion of another human being in uninhibited form.
Hannah -
I love spin because of the energy and the experience! No matter how often you ride, every class is its own challenge that you get to accomplish while riding to good music and next to incredible people. I teach because it feels so good to move my body in this setting, and I love sharing that with the riders in my classes. Get up and come move your body with me! 3 facts about me:     1.    I’ve been spinning for seven amazing years, and Rideologie was my first home studio <3     2.    I grew up dancing and still love it to this day     3.    My favorite challenge of every class is a good sprint
Jamee -
I love spin classes because they provide an energetic and motivating environment for a great workout! The upbeat music, the guidance of the instructors and every time you step into the room it’s a new experience! The first time I ever took a spin class back in 2018 I almost threw up (lol) but the feeling I got after was so amazing that I wanted to keep going! I love how the classes at Rideologie push you to be the best you can be and it’s a no judgement zone! I love that when I step into the studio I feel so at home and that it’s a little escape from all my other responsibilities! It’s truly my 2nd home at this point! My favorite move on the bike has to be figure 8s because it feels like you’re dancing and you can make it as sassy as you want! 3 facts about me : 1. I have 0 piercings (not even my ears) 2. I have a sever addiction to movie theater popcorn I get it every other week... 3. I’ve been to Korea 3 times!
Rachael -
I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I have always been passionate about health and fitness and grew up playing soccer. I studied Exercise Science at the University of Utah and went on to become a Physician Assistant. I love what I do because I help to empower people to take control over their own health. I discovered weight lifting when I was in college and fell in love. It was a great way for me to build strength, gain confidence, and mentally reset. When I started taking spin classes, I quickly fell in love with spin for many of the same reasons. When I step into the ride room, I am able to leave the outside world at the door, even if just for 45 minutes. I enjoy being able to meet my riders where they are at, we all start somewhere. Becoming an instructor has allowed me to share my love of movement and music all in a welcoming and supportive environment. In my class you can expect some pop, hip hop, EDM, and of course, some heavy hill climbs and hovers. 3 facts about me: 1) I have two black cats named Albert and Beverly 2) My comfort TV series is Schitt’s Creek 3) I love to cook and can make a drool-worthy focaccia bread
Tayler -
I was born and raised in the Midwest and have always been passionate about sports & fitness. Growing up, I was a competitive figure skater and did gymnastics and track in high school. I took up spin as a way to cross train for a marathon in 2018 and fell in love! I love how when you are in the ride room, you get to focus on bettering yourself while having fun. When I am not at Rideologie, you can find me running at Liberty Park, working at the University of Utah (go Utes!) , or exploring all SLC has to offer! I can't wait to ride with you all and bring lots of passion and energy to my class alongside some killer heavy hills! 3 facts about me: 1. I love to travel and have been to 15 countries 2. Never met an espresso martini I haven’t liked 3. I am obsessed with hot tamales candies- I have eaten them almost every day for the past 15 years!
Madison -
I am originally from Minnesota, went to college at Saint Anselm in New Hampshire, and move to Utah post-grad! I played ice hockey my entire life and was fortunate to play in college. Now work in Public Relations for endurance sports brands and teach at Rideologie. I love to spin, and sharing my love for fitness with this community is one of my favorite things. When I’m not working or teaching, I love going on long walks, running, and recently have become obsessed with knitting! 3 facts about me: 1. I played college ice hockey 2. I have a dog named Buck 3. I have lived in every US time zone